The Minett Park opens for new adventures

This open-air museum is dedicated to Luxembourg iron ore mining history

Le Minett Park réouvre pour de nouvelles aventuresUntil 25 September 2016, amateurs of vintage trains and Luxembourg industrial heritage – and everybody else – can experience new adventures at the Minett Park Fond-de-Gras in the South of the country. This is an open-air museum dedicated to Luxembourg's iron ore mining past, a period in the history of the Grand Duchy which contributed to the country's wealth and to the development of the railways.

The open-air museum is made up of three different sites: the former surface mine Giele Botter, the Celtic oppidum of the Titelberg and Lasauvage village. Two vintage trains, Train 1900 and the mining train Minièresbunn, link the sites. The list of things to see on the different sites is long: from the rolling mill, through the Lasauvage museum space, to the Hall of the hanged, just to name a few. You'll find all the details on

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  • Updated 10-05-2016