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Labour Day in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has one of the highest rates of unionisation in Europe

01-travailOn the 1st of May, Luxembourgers celebrate Labour Day The International Workers' Day was first celebrated in the United States in 1886, and several years later in Europe. In Luxembourg, this legal holiday is traditionally the occasion for large gatherings of the union movements.

According to a Statec survey published in 2011, 41% of the paid workforce living in Luxembourg is member of a union organisation.

Compared to other European countries, this rate of unionisation is rather high.

The Statec survey also analysed the rate of unionisation, according to the workers' profiles:

  • the unionisation rate is higher for men (44%) than for women (38%);
  • it is higher for Luxembourgers (53%) than for foreigners living in Luxembourg (between 19% and 35%);
  • the rate increases with age: if only 23% of those under 25 years of age are active, 33% of those between 25 and 34 are, 42% of those between 35 and 44, 50% of those between 45 and 54 and 53% of those over the age of 55;
  • being in a union is less important for managers (16%) than for liberal professions (38%), administrative employees (45%) or craftsmen (50%);
  • the rate increases with the employee's salary;
  • it varies strongly according to the branches of employment (i.e.: 60% in the civil service against 24% in the horesca sector)

On Labour Day, trade unions gather in order to voice their demands during the traditional 1st of May manifestations. On the same day, many popular events take place.

The largest of them is the Festival of Labour and Cultures (Fête du travail et des cultures) organised by the Neumünster Abbey Cutural Exchange Center (Centre culturel de rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster, CCRN), the union OGB-L, ASTI and ASTM. As in every year, on 1 May 2016 the festival is going to stage numerous concerts, exhibitions and spectacles, as well as a rich programme for children.As in every year, on 1 May 2015 the festival is going to stage numerous concerts, exhibitions and spectacles, as well as a rich programme for children.

This year, the Labour Day of Luxembourg's second largest union, LCGB, is going to take place in Bettembourg, while the FNCTTFEL-Landesverband will meet at the union casino in Luxembourg-Bonnevoie.

(article written by the editorial team of the portal luxembourg.lu)

  • Updated 29-04-2016