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Design City Biennale 2016

From April to June 2016, Luxembourg City is all about design

Design City 2016 se tiendra du 27 avril au 22 mai 2016From April to June 2016, contemporary design invades public space in Luxembourg City. In the context of the Design City Biennial, renowned national and international artists present their ideas in public spaces, and thus invite everybody to live and experience design as part of our daily lives. In the train station district, the Cercle Cité, the Mudam or House 17, explore and participate in installations and events designed for this event.

Design exposed and explained

'Design is (not) art', thus the provocative slogan of the 2016 edition of the design biennial, Design City. Being an experimentation platform, this 4th edition explores the existing links between design and art in the spaces occupied by both in an ultraconnected society. In this hyperconnected world, is it possible to differentiate between design and art? Can one thing be art and design at the same time? This space of uncertainty is exactly where the exploration in the context of the 2016 edition of the biennial takes place.

Through four urban interventions, four indoor exhibitions, conferences and pedagogical workshops, Design City 2016 offers a rich and ambitious set of events.

Here's some examples:

  • With the mobile application #lookinbetween, Hans Fellner shares his observations of interesting, contrasting or simply strange public places in the train station district, and drags ignored or masked details of highly frequented places into the light. Starting from the Place de Metz, the artist offers guided tours.
  • The footbridge between the Central Station and the Bonnevoie district hosts an audio-installation by artists Leif Heidenreich and Alex Brown.
  • At the Cercle Cité, 12 designers exhibit their works from 28 April until 12 June: Charles Baudouin (product design), Jean-Paul Carvalho (architecture), Koen Cloosterman (social design), Mett Hoffmann (industrial design), Joy Hoffmann (industrial design), Isabelle Mattern (graphic design), Irina Moons (web design), Sarah Meyers et Laura Fügmann (textile and surface design), Lynn Harles (social design), Olaf Recht (industrial design) and Lynn Schammel (social design).
  • At the Mudam, Ruedi Baur, Yuri Suzuki, Robert Stadler and Leif Heidenreich exhibit their works.

In the context of the Design City biennial, the Creator's Market, where artists directly sell their creations, takes place at the Mudam on 21 and 22 May 2016 between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Other venues hosting installations or exhibitions are strewn across the city, such as the Casino - Forum for Contemporary Art, the Rotondes, House 17, Lucien Schweitzer - Galerie & Editions, the Luca - Luxembourg Center for Architecture, Camões, Centro Cultural Portugês Luxemburgo and other sites in Luxembourg City, Strassen and Junglinster.

The Design City Biennial was designed as a laboratory for ideas, and spends time on the question of design in public space and its integration into daily life. It offers a large range of events and happening allowing the discovery of the different faces of design.

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