Equal opportunities

Special needs awareness weeks

Conferences, workshops, viewings, dinners in the dark — it's all about inclusion

26-sensibilisationOne city for all! Contact between people with special needs and the general public is at the heart of the 'Special Needs Awareness Weeks' to be held between 26 April and 7 June 2016. The aim is to create connections and to foster understanding of other people in order to put an end to existing fears, thereby creating better social cohesion.

Following on from the success of previous editions of the awareness weeks, the City of Luxembourg, the Special Needs Participatory Committee and about seventy partners (associations, businesses, restaurants, etc.) have decided to repeat the event this year.

Discovery and dialogue

Be it guided tours organised by the City of Luxembourg for people with special needs or dinners in the dark organised in order to simulate the experience of a blind person, the events cater to young and old alike, sometimes in a fun way, sometimes with a more serious undertone, and encourage meeting, discovering and talking together with no prejudices.

The key moments in this 5th edition

  • 'Special Needs' action and sports day in Luxembourg City (Place d'Armes) on 30 April 2016, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.; the various associations active in the special needs field will be manning stands and presenting various demonstrations and workshops;
  • Exhibition at Luxembourg City's Grand Théâtre from 2 to 15 May 2016;
  • Dinners in the dark, on a number of dates at several venues (see programme);
  • Invitation to the Museums on 22 May 2016: during 'Invitation to the Museums' weekend, joint visits will be organised for people with special needs and members of the general public;
  • Guided tours of the upper part of Luxembourg City accessible for people with special needs, on 14 May 2016;
  • Themed brainstorming sessions with the aim of drawing up a municipal 'special needs' plan, at the Cultural Centre in Bonnevoie on the evenings of 26 April, 3 May, 10 May, 31 May and 7 June 2016;
  • Lecture on childhood epilepsy, at the Parc-Hôtel in Luxembourg on 28 May 2016;
  • Public screening of the film 'Inklusioun-Jo-Nee' at Utopolis-Kirchberg on 11 May 2016;
  • 'Inclusion' gala at Luxembourg City's Conservatoire on 27 May 2016.
(Article written by the editorial team of the portal 'www.luxembourg.lu'; source: press file from the City of Luxembourg.)
  • Updated 25-04-2016