A 'made in Luxembourg' supercalculator for European businesses

Project to help businesses in the European European make the transition to digital

ServeursThis is the challenge: to actively promote and support the transition to digital for businesses in the European Union, which is a difficult but necessary process. The European Commission has released 50 billion euros as part of an investment package aimed at giving European businesses a better competitive edge. In this context, the Grand Duchy is demonstrating its excellent infrastructure and talent in the ICT sector and "will be playing an important role", according to the Minister of the Economy Etienne Schneider.

High-performance computing, made in Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy has been active in the field of High-Performance Computing (HPC) since 2015. As the name implies, this involves extremely powerful calculation; it can be used for a wide range of tasks, including studying climate change, and the 'Smart Nation' project. The task of the new project will be to create a European network of supercalculators to the advantage of 'Industry 4.0', i.e. the digitisation of businesses and production processes, and research. The financial resources released by the European Commission show just how necessary it thinks it is to make up the European Union's lagging behind in terms of digitisation.

Begun as part of the 'Digital Lëtzebuerg' initiative, the project is being carried out in close collaboration with Spain, France and Italy, and it is one of the European Commission's measures to promote the transition of businesses in the EU to digital. The project will also contribute to the Grand Duchy's brand image in the information and communication technologies (ICT) sector.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg - a great place for research

The Luxembourg Institute for Science and Technology (LIST) is a research institution whose mission is to develop advanced technologies and to offer the economy and society a number of innovative products and services in areas as varied as energy, IT, telecoms, the environment, agriculture, and high-tech industry at both the national and European levels.

Luxinnovation is the national agency for innovation and research. It works closely with authorities, businesses and research centres in order to support research and innovation, promoting the Grand Duchy as a premium location for establishment, helping businesses and providing them with information, and consulting the Government in the field of research and innovation.

(Source: press release from the Ministry of the Economy; article written by the editorial team of the portal luxembourg.lu)

  • Updated 02-10-2016