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The Luxembourg rose showcased at Luxembourg House

Rebirth of an almost forgotten part of the Grand Duchy's heritage

Patrimoine Roses pour le Luxembourg au Luxembourg HouseJust over a hundred years ago, the Grand Duchy was known the world over for its roses. Around 1900, more than six million rose bushes grown in the Grand Duchy were exported. The Luxembourg rose, a long-forgotten part of the country's history, is currently experiencing a rebirth at Luxembourg House, which has adopted the flower wholeheartedly.

'Luxembourg House' showcases all kinds of products made in the Grand Duchy. From Villeroy & Boch china to the works of artist Jacques Schneider, from the wine of the Luxembourg Moselle to Mansfeld vodka - come and find out about the various products made in the Grand Duchy. In addition to the extensive offer already available, each month and each season Luxembourg House offers a new theme in respect of which more new products are proposed. So Luxembourg House is offering a whole range of products on the theme of 'flowers and gardens', focusing on the rose.

Food products, care products, decoration, household goods and fashion items - at Luxembourg House, the rose is there in all its forms. The association 'Patrimoine Roses pour le Luxembourg' is presenting a number of products created using roses and objects decorated with roses. You will find soaps, creams and candles made with real rosewater, rose-flavoured sweets and nougat, and - the artistic highlight - the reproduction of a watercolour by Luxembourgish artist Sosthène Weis.

Between 1850 and 1900, the Grand Duchy exported roses on a large scale, creating worldwide fame for the country as a producer of quality roses. In 1900, about six million rose bushes were exported. Up to the end of the Second World War, Luxembourg-Limpertsberg and the Alzette valley were important production centres. Walferdange has a museum garden with seventy different types of rose - two-thirds of them have been grown from Luxembourgish plants, both old and new.

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  • Updated 02-10-2016