WäIntegratioun – WIn(e)tegration on 24 April 2016

Discover the world's most international wine region

WäIntegratiounOne wine region, 3 countries – this is the simple formula according to which the LEADER Miselerland programme has organised an extraordinary wine tasting event. At least 10 wines grown on the Moselle, from the French Lorraine region to the German Mosel, via Luxembourg's vineyards, await. The purchase of a €10 ticket opens up the gates to savour the know-how of producers from these three countries, and to participate in a draw to win interesting prizes.

The Greater Region has many advantages, especially in cross-border cooperation and understanding. Indeed, in the region made up of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the German federal states of Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate, the Belgian province of Luxembourg and the French Lorraine region, the free flow of people, goods and services is a daily reality. In this context, the cultural exchange has been growing since the signature of the Schengen Agreement in 1985, but cooperation does not stop there.

In the context of the WäIntegratioun – Vintégration – WeIntegration – Win(e)tegration – Vintegração event, vintners from three countries, all linked by the Moselle, offer a cross-border tasting experience. Together with them, walk on the path of the Moselle region and discover all of its gastronomic sides.

Meet up this Sunday at the Wine Museum in Ehnen, a small and charming village on the Luxembourg Moselle, to launch yourself into discovery.

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  • Updated 22-04-2016