'Foreign Affairs', a documentary about Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg's Minister of Foreign Affairs

The release is on 23 April

Documentaire "Foreign Affairs"You like to travel, meet interesting people and make important decisions? Appearing on stage before an international audience does not scare you? You have a taste for long working hours? Because this is the daily life of the Luxembourg Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean Asselborn. A film crew followed him for 18 months to create the documentary 'Foreign Affairs', the portrait of a man and the diplomacy of a small country.

Directed by Pasha Rafiym an Iranian director who lived in Luxembourg during his childhood, this documentary portrays the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs and demonstrates his diplomatic commitment on the chessboard of international politics. Indeed, Jean Asselborn is the longest serving Minister of Foreign Affairs in the European Union - he has been on this position since 2004.

Instead of limiting itself to a portrait of the personality of the minister, the documentary is primarily an inventory of the work of Jean Asselborn. Pasha Rafiy had the opportunity to follow Jean Asselborn closely, even in areas where cameras normally do not penetrate. This allowed him to get an impression of the interaction of the minister with his partners on the international scene, as well as that with his closest collaborators. The camera follows the minister as an observer, and the scenery constantly changes between the private sphere, especially in the house of the minister in Steinfort, and the public sphere in corridors and meeting rooms worldwide. In the documentary, Jean Asselborn never speaks directly to the viewer, but one realises how much freedom he left Rafiy Pasha and his team to mount this production.

Produced by Luxembourg company Les Films Fauves, the documentary is released in theatres everywhere in Luxembourg on 23 April 2016.  Follow the Luxembourg Foreign Minister in the corridors of international politics!

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  • Updated 21-04-2016