'Zaepert': collective exhibition of 40 artists in Esch/Alzette

After 'Quartier 3', another soon-to-be-demolished building is invaded by a collective of artists

Exposition ZaepertThe former slaughterhouse in the 'Zaepert' district, rue Joseph Kieffer in Esch/Alzette, is going to be bustling with activity one last time: from 23 April until 8 May 2016, the artist collective created by Daisy Wagner, Jeff Keiser, Sergio Sardelli and Théid Johanns hosts a collective exhibition with not less than 40 artists.

'Zaepert' named after the district in which the exhibition takes place, is a follow-up of sorts of 'Quartier 3', a collective exhibition which was held in 2015 in a building that was torn down shortly after the end of the exhibition. With some 3,000 visitors to have seen the exhibition, it was a huge success.

Contrary to 'Quartier 3', where every artist had his or her own room, the artists participating in 'Zaepert' have to share one single space of 640 m2. The exhibition opens on 22 April at 6 p.m.

Here's the list of the participating artists:

Patricia Baum, Doris Becker, Monique Becker, Claus Georg Beeskow Camarda, Sandra Biewers, Daniele Bragoni, Gérard Claude, Daniel Contreras Leinad, Joëlle Daubenfeld, Frank Drees, Olivier Ferretti, Raphael Gindt, Myriam Helminger, Emile Hengen, Julien Hübsch, Kamil Iwasczyszyn, Théid Johanns, Jeff Keiser, Dirk Kesseler, Stéphanie Kohn, Jill Krecké, Sandra Lieners, Anne Lindner, Jo Malano, Eric Mangen, Joel Nepper, Dani Neumann, Marc Pierrard, Séverine Peiffer, Fab Rice, Reiny Rizzi-Gruhlke, Matthias Sanctobin, Michael Sanctobin, Sergio Sardelli, Marc Soisson, Vince Tartarin, Klara Troost, Lina Troost, René Trummer, Charles Wennig and Myriam Zimmer.

The exhibition will be open from 2 to 10 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from 23 April until 8 May 2016.

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  • Updated 27-04-2016