Exhibition on the Cold War in Luxembourg

A little known chapter of Luxembourg's contemporary history at the museum

Logo de l'exposition "La guerre froide au Luxembourg"With the exhibition 'The Cold War in Luxembourg', the MNHA stages for the first time a historiographic exhibition dedicated to a very recent period in our history. The exhibition shows that, between 1947 and 1991, the international context of the Cold War deeply impacted Luxembourg. The exhibition is open from 22 April until 27 November 2016.

A country bracing for war

Located at the heart of Europe, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg was caught up in the turmoils of the Cold War. Firmly anchored in the alliance of the Western countries, Luxembourg witnessed and took part in the efforts of this block to build up defences against the forces of the Communist block in Eastern Europe. As in other countries of Western Europe, financial means and human resources were mobilised in Luxembourg in order to prepare for the event of another armed conflict.

Topics as diverse as the fear of a nuclear war, the role of the Luxembourg army in NATO, foreign relations, as well as the role of Luxembourg's secret services are being touched in the exhibition. Through many contemporary objects and documents, the MNHA gives a glimpse of some aspects of the East-West conflict in Luxembourg.

From a jukebox, symbol of Americanism, to the heavy doors of bunkers in Luxembourg, via surveillance objects reminiscent of James Bond, discover this thrilling period of our history!

(Source: National Museum of History and Art)

  • Updated 01-06-2016