Stéphane Halleux at the Galerie Schortgen

The retro-futuristic creations of the Belgian artist were a source of inspiration for Oscar-awarded short film 'Mr Hublot'

Exposition de Stéphane Halleux à la Galerie SchortgenFrom 20 April to 7 May 2016, (re)visit the retro-futuristic world of dreams from the Belgian artist Stéphane Halleux. Indeed, it gives life to characters like Mr. Hublot, who became famous thanks to the Oscar-awarded animated short film 'Mr Hublot' (Zeilt Productions). From now on, the Galerie Schortgen hosts his exhibition 'The old-fashioned future'.

Indeed, some of Stéphane Halleux' creations appear is if someone from the 19th century had imagined what life would be like today. Others seem to be a symbiosis between a vaguely human being and mechanical components. All of them leave space to the spectator's imagination, which creates its own vision of the world from where these creatures hail. Thus, visitors enter the childlike universe of the artist through the disproportion of irony, where he can let his own imagination run wild.

Stephane Halleux is a regular at the Schortgen Gallery. For years he has regularly been exhibiting there. Born in Belgium in 1972, Stéphane Halleux studied at the Saint-Luc higher education institute for art in Liège, before launching himself as an animation artist, and then a sculptor. In 2008, he already invented an extraordinary character which ranks among Luxembourg's most important personalities: Mr Hublot.

This is thanks to the short animated film 'Mr Hublot', a Franco-Luxembourg co-production, that Luxembourg was awarded its first Oscar in 2014. 'Mr Hublot' was entirely produced and directed in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg by producer Laurent Witz (Zeilt Productions) in co-production with Alexander Espigares. The filmmakers were inspired by Stéphane Halleux' universe to create this fascinating character (in 2D and 3D) who lives in an absurd world which combines partly mechanical characters patched and stitched together and disproportionate vehicles; a world where gigantism of mechanics and constant recovery reign supreme.

Thus, it's also thanks to Stéphane Halleux that Luxembourg won its first Oscar in 2014. Indeed, the Belgian artist did not only develop the project's characters, he also wrote the first script.

From 20 April until 7 May 2016, Stéphane Halleux exhibits at the Galerie Schortgen, an event not to be missed by fans of Mr Hublot and 'Recycle Art'.

(article written by the editorial team of the portal luxembourg.lu)

  • Updated 20-04-2016