Book & Copyright Days

In Luxembourg, this worldwide celebration spans 5 days: from 18 to 23 April 2016, it will mobilise the actors of the book world
Le 23 avril a été proclamé Journée mondiale du livre et du droit d'auteur par l’UnescoThe 23 April was proclaimed World Book and Copyright Day by the Unesco and in Luxembourg this worldwide celebration spreads over 5 days. From 18 to 23 April 2016, it will mobilise the actors of the book world booksellers, authors-writers, publishers, bookbinders, readers, libraries, archives, and various organisations and associations.

In 2016, the unifying theme is 'Vun der Iddi bis bei d'Buch | An idea - A book'.

'Vun der Iddi bis bei d'Buch' tracks the genesis and the life of the book, from an idea put on paper which was developed, reread, reworked and corrected. The final result, transformed into a book, printed or digitalised, is multiplied and disseminated in order to — finally — end its journey in the hands of the reader. The book that has been read inspires and lets emerge new ideas. 'An idea - A book' indicates this creative cycle which renews perpetually.

The objective of the 2016 edition of the World Book and Copyright Days will be to clarify the different steps of a book and to present its main actors in Luxembourg: authors, illustrators, publishers, book craftsmen, booksellers, librarians, archivists, associations and organisations around the book and readers. The topic around copyright, inherent throughout the whole creation and dissemination process, will brought into light as every year.

A common exhibition of all the organisers will take place from 19 to 23 April 2016 in the shopping centre 'Cactus-Belle-Étoile' in Bertrange. It will track the life of the book in a simple and fun way. Workshops and events, of which the first literary Speet Meet in Luxembourg, will be organised. The full programme has been disclosed at a press conference on 11 April 2016.

(Source: press release by the National Library)
  • Updated 18-04-2016