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Jugend Jobdag 2016: Information fair for youngsters and parents

Orientation and information regarding studies at the centre of a day for students and parents

File d'attente de jeunesThe entry into the working world is an important step for every young person, but it is full of several uncertainties regarding the path to follow. This Thursday, as part of the Jugend Jobdag, associations, companies, employers and training institutes are at your disposal to answer your questions regarding your entry into the working world.

The Jugend Jobdag addresses youngsters and parents who wish to enter directly into contact with the information and orientation services which are adapted to their situation or to inform themselves about the requirements for different jobs at the companies of the 'Nordstad'. The Nordstad gathers the municipalities of Bettendorf, Colmar-Berg, Diekirch, Erpeldang-sur-Sûre, Ettelbruck and Schieren.

As in previous years, the Jugend Jobdag 2016 will take place in the multi-purpose hall "Al Seeërei" in Diekirch on Thursday, 14 April 2016 from 5 to 8 pm. It will welcome some 500 visitors and 40 exhibitors.

For the 4th edition, the following organisms will be there:

Associations and services

Adem, Centre information jeunes, Chambre de commerce, Chambre des métiers, Chambre des salariés, Luxembourg football federation (Fédération luxembourgeoise du football), Maison de l'orientation and its partners (Adem-OP, ALJ, CPOS, SNJ), Nordstadjugend, Youth for work.


Altligna, Cactus SA, Cargolux, CFL, Chaux de Contern, COPAS, Eldoradio, Électricité Birchen-Lanners, Entreprise de toiture Heidesch, Elisabeth, Goodyear, Lëtzebuerger Arméi, Luxlait, Menuiserie Gerard Weber, Police, Servior, Superdreckskëscht, Voyages Unsen

Training institutes / secondary schools

Atert Lycée Rédange, Centre national de la formation professionnelle continue Ettelbruck, Lycée classique de Diekirch, Lycée Josy Barthel Mamer, Lycée du Nord Wiltz, Lycée technique agricole, Lycée technique Ettelbruck, Lycée technique hôtelier Alexis Heck, Lycée technique pour professions de santé, Nordstadlycée.

The Jobday is an initiative of the Nordstadjugend ASBL, with the youth centres Diekirch and Ettelbruck, and the National Youth Service in cooperation with the National Employment Administration, the Local Action for Young People (Action locale pour jeines, ALJ) and the centre of psychology and study counselling which deal with questions regarding the working life.

Youth employment - a priority

The Jugend Jobdag in Diekirch is part of a series of initiatives which aim at facilitating the entry of youngsters into the working life or their study counselling. Thus, it's in June that the traditional student fair takes place in Luxembourg-Kirchberg which gathers forward-looking employers, administrations and universities from all over the world. The National Employment Agency (ADEM) and the guidance centre Maison de l'orientation, as well as the Youth Guarantee are other organisms that help in finding the first job.

(Source: Press release by the Ministry of Education, Childhood and Youth, the National Youth Service (SNJ) and the Nordstadjugend ASBL)

  • Updated 14-04-2016