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Xpatulator: Luxembourg ranks 47th among the world's most expensive countries

The profound analysis confirms that it's easy to get settled in Luxembourg

Xpatulator BenchmarkIn the most recent edition of the Xpatulator ranking, published in April 2016, Luxembourg ranks 47th in the list of the most expensive countries in the world for expatriates. Belgium ranks 60th, Germany 75th, the Netherlands 83rd and France 86th.

Among the cities, Luxembourg ranks 103 worldwide. As an example, the European cities of Zurich (5th), Geneva (7th), London (15th) and Paris (52nd) are evaluated as being more expensive than Luxembourg. Amsterdam (111th), Brussels (129th) and Frankfurt (130th) are judged to be less expensive.

The study considers that Luxembourg is among the countries where expatriates have the least difficulty in adapting and integrating (minimal hardship location), which has an influence on the premiums paid to expatriates.

Xpatulator, a provider of solutions and information for professionals in the international human resources sector, publish several times a year an analysis on the cost of living and living conditions for expatriates.

Made from 13 baskets of consumer goods and services commonly consumed by expatriates, this analysis of the cost of living compares the level of prices in 780 cities and places of the world. These 13 baskets include collections of prices for food, catering, transport, cultural activities, health-related expenses, furniture, spending on education, communication expenses, etc. These expenses are considered representative of the lifestyle of expatriates on their place of employment.

(Source: press release by the Observatory for Competitiveness)

  • Updated 02-10-2016