Automotive components industry

The Grand Duchy will get a Luxembourg Automotive Campus

This industrial site is dedicated to the research and innovation in the automotive sector

Le futur Luxembourg Automotive Campus à RoostFor the sake of the diversification of its economy, Luxembourg focuses, among other things, on the promotion of different economic and industrial sectors, of which the automotive components industry. The latter will be reinforced by the creation of the future Luxembourg Automotive Campus, an industrial site specialising in automotive component research and development (R&D).

Located near Roost in the commune of Bissen, the future Luxembourg Automotive Campus will house the research and development departments of several automotive sector companies. The project includes plans for shared infrastructure, such as research labs and buildings, conference rooms, catering areas and exhibition spaces. With its proximity to the Goodyear test circuit, the site offers great potential for synergies in logistics, training and education, as well as testing and validating prototypes. The campus will also foster 'open innovation' and the exchange of technologies. Industrial manufacturing activities are not planned for the site. The Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy first had the idea to create an innovation hub in 2013. The concept was then further developed by the 'High Council for the support, development and promotion of industry', with the support of the Association of Luxembourgish Automotive Suppliers (ILEA) and the Luxembourg Automotive Components Cluster, which is powered by Luxinnovation.

Make of Luxembourg a destination of choice for automotive suppliers

The 14-hectare site will be bought by the government in order to build the infrastructure needed for an industrial estate. This will happen as soon as the current owner, Goodyear, has completely demolished the buildings currently located on the site of the old 'wire plant'. In an initial phase, both Goodyear and IEE will set up shop on campus. Active in Luxembourg since 1989, IEE S.A. will relocate all of its operations from Contern to the new estate in Roost. For its part, Goodyear is relocating its Luxembourg Innovation Center (GIC*L) to the campus. Building work on these two new facilities is expected to be completed in the summer of 2018, when they will provide room for a total of 1,600 members of staff from the two companies. By centralising these R&D activities, the Luxembourg Automotive Campus will provide professional automotive equipment and service providers with new tools and infrastructure, enabling them to remain dynamic – and thus also innovative and competitive – in a market in constant evolution. With the future capacity to accommodate 4,000 employees, the campus will be the future shop-front of the sector and will make of Luxembourg, more than ever, a destination of choice for automotive suppliers.  In Luxembourg, the automotive components sector currently employs over 10,000 people and has an annual turnover of EUR 1.5 billion. (Source: Press release from the Ministry of the Economy)

  • Updated 18-04-2016