'100,7 Radio-Präis': radio 100.7 launches International Radio Play Competition 2016

The 2016 edition of the 100.7 Radio Play Contest runs under the theme 'Social media and their impact on time and culture'

22-radiopraisradio 100,7 – the public service radio of Luxembourg – announces the launch of its 2016 competition for original radioplays.

The 2016 edition of the 100.7 Radio Play Contest runs under the theme 'Social media and their impact on time and culture'.

From the Twitter revolutions to Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat: social media have changed our world dramatically over the past decade. Our social behaviour, our habits, our daily life have been impacted. We are always connected, reachable, and trackable. Corporations monetize our private data and sell them to the highest bidder. We are targeted by advertising with pin-point accuracy. Algorithms predict our preferences: they forecast which products we will buy or what we tend to think. At the same time, social media provide unique opportunities and offer new means of communication and knowledge transfer. The digital world has also created new forms of dependency. Social media can be used to manipulate and radicalize young people, and is a platform for cyberbullying.

We invite manuscripts that address social and cultural practices related to social media from an original angle; the plots or storylines must bear a relationship to the Greater Region.

A wide range of stylistic genres can be used (science fiction, satire, thriller, documentary ...). 

All authors and creative professionals in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the surrounding Greater Region are entitled to participate in the 100.7 Radio Play Contest. Entries may be submitted in Luxembourgish, German, Frenchand English. The deadline for submitting the manuscripts is October 31, 2016 at 6 pm. The award will be presented in November 2016.

The 100.7 Radio Play Contest carries a monetary prize of EUR 3,500 and is awarded by an independent jury. Jury members for the 2016 edition of the Competition are:

  • Anette Kührmeyer, Head of Artistic Word /Radio Play SR 2 cultural radio
  • David Raison, Online media expert
  • Rudi Schroeder, Editor-in-chief at BRF
  • Anne Simon,Film director
  • Sebastian Thiltges,Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Saarland and Project Manager of ECOLITLUX

The jury is chaired by Claude Mangen, program coordinator at radio 100.7.

'In 2015, the first edition of the radio play contest revealed an appreciable layer of creativity yearning for an adequate means of expression”, says Director Jean-Paul Hoffmann. 'Our hope is that the 2016 edition willf urther motivate and inspire the creative process...'.

For further information, please contact Claude Mangen, Phone +352 44 00 44802,

(Source: press release from radio 100,7)

  • Updated 30-08-2016