Meet the Artist in Esch-Belval!

Come and meet the artists and view their work at the Belval Public Art Experience

L'artiste mexicaine Darya Von BernerNine artists have the opportunity to work at Belval under the first Public Art Experience residency, which will continue until August 2016. To give the general public an opportunity to meet the artists and get to know their projects, the Fonds Belval has initiated 'Meet the Artist' events - informal get-togethers over a drink - at lunchtime in the 'Massenoire' building.

The first artists started work on the 'Terrasse des Hauts Fourneaux' in October 2015.

On 23 March 2016 it will be the turn of Mexican artist Darya von Berner to explain her creative work. Darya carried out some initial work at Belval in October, and now she's back to develop her project further in March, with completion scheduled for June 2016. Her favourite subjects include the presence of the intangible in our everyday lives, suggested by atmospheres in poetic contrast with such imposing monuments as Madrid's Puerta de Alcalá, Cordoba's mosque, and The Hague's Peace Palace.

Her project at Belval will consist of the performance of 'Yo_Land' at two emblematic places on the 'Terrasse des Hauts Fourneaux'. The first part of the work will be performed between 7 and 9 p.m. on Culture Night (7 May).

This cultural lunchtime event will be followed by others, up to August 2016. The other artists are Neville Gabie (England) on 13 April, William Engelen (Germany) on 25 May, Jan Kopp (France) on 1 June, and David Rickard (England) on 8 June. Keep up to date on upcoming events by visiting

(Source: Fonds Belval press release)

  • Updated 22-03-2016