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The archives of the Council of State on the Internet

23-conseil-etatIn order to facilitate access to their original historical sources, the National Archives of Luxembourg (ANLux), in collaboration with the Council of State, have made available online more than 220,000 pages of archives of the Council of State of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on www.anlux.lu. These documents, dating from 1856 to 1940, resume the opinions and decisions of the Council on all the topics that have been treated, from a national as well as from an international point of view, and illustrate its internal functioning.

The opinions concern the bills, the non-government bills and the draft regulations about for example constitutional amendments, international conventions, municipal affairs, public health, education, traffic on public roads or gambling. These archives are an authentic testimony of the work carried out by an institution that has been engaged since 160 years in the elaboration of norms concerning Luxembourg law and reflect the positions of the State Councillors on the topics addressed.

20,000 supplementary pages of archives have been digitalised and made available in the reading room of the National Archives. It's about the decisions of the Committee of administrative contentious and the protocols of the public and the plenary sessions of the Council of State. The high number of personal data in these documents is the reason why they need to be consulted exclusively inside the walls of the ANLux. For more information please contact Corinne Schroeder, conservator in charge of this fund, at the e-mail address corinne.schroeder@an.etat.lu or under the phone number +352 247-86683.

The online availability of these archives is part of the digitalisation politics of the National Archives and the Council of State, aimed at making it easier for the large public to access its heritage and to prevent a deterioration of the original documents due to regular physical consultations. In that context, ANLux have already made available many other documents online, of which 6,500 pictures of Luxembourg from the 1950 to 1970, technical drawings and historical maps of the ARBED, charters from the Saint Willibrord Abbey of Echternach or the 'Grand Bertels', a book of pen drawings of several Luxembourg towns created from 1597 onwards. All these archive documents can be downloaded via the website www.anlux.lu.

(Source: press release by the National Archives of Luxembourg)

  • Updated 15-04-2016