The Casino - Forum for Contemporary Art reopens!

New spaces for contemporary artistic creation

Vue du CasinoOn 22 March 2016, the Casino – Forum for Contemporary Art, an eminent museum for visual arts located in the city centre, reopens its doors to the public after the refurbishment of its exhibition rooms, which allows contemporary artists even more liberties to present their works.

A thorough renovation

What are the main changes?

The kitchen and the attic of the former 'casino bourgeois', which were inaccessible, have been redeveloped as exhibition areas, while the first floor, which was divided into a number of separate areas, has been reorganised as a single large area for temporary exhibitions.

A number of important changes have been made on the ground floor: apart from the creation of a second entry on the boulevard Roosevelt, the ground floor now has a space dedicated to pedagogical activities and creative workshops, as well as a culinary cafe, which is reminiscent of the building's past as casino and seeks to create a convivial atmosphere. Another new feature are the viewing rooms dedicated to the works of video artists and the video documentation of the exhibitions presented at the Casino Luxembourg (the BlackBox). As a complement to these projections, the BlackThursday, organised in the context of the nocturnes each Thursday, gives a free rein to the artists or curators of the BlackBox surrounding that moment's featured videos. Its goal is to have the public discover other aspects of the presented artistic creations.

Closed, but not inactive

Although Casino Luxembourg was closed, its artistic activities continued, and it remained present in the form of an extra-muros exhibition and a one-off cultural programme.

An exhibition of the works of young artists from the 'No Name' workshop at Strasbourg's Haute École des Arts du Rhin (HEAR) took up residence at the Konschthaus beim Engel (Luxembourg), while Casino Luxembourg's InfoLab continued to be a venue for artistic and cultural debate with a series of talks ('Les Mardis de l'Art').

Casino Luxembourg will reopen on 22 March 2016. There will be a series of events throughout the week of 22 to 28 March 2016.

A key institution of contemporary artistic creation

Casino Luxembourg – Forum for Contemporary Art was set up in 1995, the year Luxembourg City was European Capital of Culture. The installation of a Kunsthalle-type cultural institution in the premises of the former 'casino bourgeois', a centre for cultural and social events, in the city centre had a profound impact on cultural life in the Grand Duchy, which explains why it is now a key institution on the country's visual arts scene. And after functioning for twenty years, the time has come for the premises to be reorganised.

Casino Luxembourg has appealed for donations from individuals to top up the funds allocated by the Public Buildings Authority (Administration des bâtiments publics) with a further 300,000 euros.

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