Discover Luxembourg in spring!

The sun is back in Luxembourg

20-printemps-randonnee20 March 20 marks the beginning of spring and the return of beautiful days. Take the opportunity to discover the wonderful country of Luxembourg and discover its many attractions! Hiking


Luxembourg is a paradise for hikers. Its walking network has more than 500 marked trails and walks totaling 5,000 km and making it possible to discover the five tourist regions of the country.

You will find details of the various types of hiking trails on the website about tourism.

Cycle paths

Luxembourg is also a paradise for cyclists: the national cycle network covers nearly 900 km, of which 152 km in the capital, making it possible to discover the great variety of landscapes of the country by bike.

You will find details on bike paths on the website and on the page 'Cycling in Luxembourg' of the tourism portal.

Discover the capital through its many thematic routes

20-printemps-wenzelFifteen thematic walks allow you to discover Luxembourg City in an new way. Here are some examples:

  • City Promenade, the inevitable walk to discover the city's many faces;
  • The 'Wenzel' tour allows you to discover 1,000 years of history in 100 minutes;
  • The Vauban tour, to visit the remarkable Vauban fortifications and also parts of the city fortification dating from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries;
  • The 'Museumsmile' tour, a path in the form of an arch (or a smile) connecting the seven museums of the city;
  • The architectural tour, to discover the architecture of the city;
  • The tour 'Luxembourg, a European capital', to discover the role that the country played in the European construction.

You will find all the walks on the website of the Luxembourg City Tourist Office.

Parks and gardens


Discover some of the 76 castles of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, many of which are accessible to visitors. The most visited are the castles of Vianden, Beaufort, Bourscheid, Clervaux and Larochette.

The Fond-de-Gras: industrial heritage

20-printemps-fonddegrasThe Fonds-de-Gras, which is located in the municipalities of Differdange and Petange in the south-west of the country, is part of the industrial, the railway and the natural and archaeological heritage of Luxembourg. It's a former industrial and railway park which bear witness to a very important period in the history of the country: the one where the extraction of iron ore and the steel industry were responsible for Luxembourg's wealth.

The Fonds-de-Gras offers a variety of activities:

Industrial heritage:

  • the train station of the Fonds-de-Gras
  • the Paul Wurth hall
  • the rolling line

Railway heritage:

  • the "Train 1900"
  • the mining train "Minièresbunn"

Natural and archaeological heritage:

  • the Celtic oppidum of the Titelberg
  • former surface mine "Giele Botter"
  • Walks and hikes in the region between Pétange, Differdange, Lasauvage and the Fonds-de-Gras

Parc Merveilleux in Bettembourg

A visit of
the Parc Merveilleux in Bettembourg is part of the favourite activities of the Luxembourg children! It's a big park which shelters animals from the five continents around the world and which offers different adventures, namely discovering several fairy tales, miniature golf, a big playground, a labyrinth, a tour with the mini-train or a ride with the pony-express. This year, the park opens its gates from 26 March to 9 October.

Cafés and restaurants

If, after all this programme, you feel a bit tired, enjoy the many restaurants and cafés the country has to offer. Indeed, proportional to the number of inhabitants, Luxembourg is the country boasting the highest number of Michelin-starred restaurants.

But the extremely diverse offer also allows you to find a small and simple meal, and why not on a terrace.

For more details, please visit our page 'Gastronomy'.

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  • Updated 18-04-2016