Gold for our infographics "Luxembourg 2015"

Gold Award of the 'International Corporate Media Award' for the Government's Information and Press Service and Statec

SIP_01_L_en-un-clin-d_oeil_ENA big success for our infographics 'Luxembourg 2015': in the context of the 6th edition of the 'International Corporate Media Award', mainly known in the German-speaking world, the Information and Press Service of the Government (responsible for the website and the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Statec) have received a Gold Award in the category 'Infographics' for their 14 infographics about Luxembourg, that were created in collaboration with the agency Human Made.

'Luxembourg 2015' is a set of 14 infographics on the following topics: multicultural population, linguistic situation, labour market, economy, national symbols, culture and traditions, quality of life, politics and institutions, mobility, Luxembourg in the world and the history of the Grand Duchy. The purpose of these infographics is to present and promote the Grand Duchy in a visual and funny way. These infographics exist in 4 linguistic versions: German, French, English and Luxembourgish. They will be annually updated.

The 'International Corporate Media Award' is discerned by the 'International Editorial Design & Research Forum' based in Germany. This award was launched six years ago as a competition for corporate media. In the meantime, there are categories for magazines, books, corporate design, i.e. the visual identity of a company, etc. On the occasion of the 2015 edition of the award, 411 projects from 17 countries were submitted. The jury was composed by 11 professionals from the communication and visual design field.

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  • Updated 14-04-2016