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Luxembourg's (co)productions shine in the cinema

Sunset Song, The Brand New Testament, Eng nei Zäit – these should convince you to go to the cinema this weekend

(Co)productions luxembourgeoises au cinémaWhen did you last sit down in a comfortable cinema chair? With friends, family or alone, armed with popcorn, a drink or ice cream, until finally the lights went out and you dove into another universe. And this to watch one of the six Luxembourg (co)productions currently being screened in cinemas: Colonia Dignidad, Sunset Song, The Drak Side of the Moon, Eldorado, Black Harvest, The Brand New Testament and Eng nei Zäit. So, here's our small guide to help you pick.

  • 'Colonia Dignidad', directed by Florian Gallenberger, coproduced by Iris Productions and filmed in the slate mines at Martelange-Haut, follows stewardess Lena (Emma Watson), who wants to find her boyfriend Daniel (Daniel Brühl) right in the middle of the riots following the military coup in 1973 in Chile. Daniel gets abducted by the secret police and taken to the 'Colonia Dignidad', a horrible place under the control of former Nazi Paul Schäfer.
  • 'Sunset Song', a movie which is also co-produced by Iris Productions, tells the story of a woman who lives a difficult life full of hardship on a small farm in Scotland at the beginning of the 20th century.
  • 'The Dark Side of the Moon' was filmed in the picturesque region of the Mullerthal, and follows the downfall of an ambitious lawyer, who releases his dark and violent side after the conumption of hallucinogenic mushrooms.
  • 'Eldorado' is a Luxembourgish documentary about the lives of 4 Portuguese immigrants in Luxembourg.
  • 'Black Harvest' is the story of the tragic fate of a man who tries to reconstruct his life while another man risks losing everything that it important to him. This is a distorted version of the American dream - a dream full of despair and sadness - played out against the sombre backdrop of North Dakota. A touching, shocking masterpiece, produced by the Luxembourgish company Antevita Films, with Luxembourger Jean-Luc Schuller as co-director and director of photography.
  • 'The Brand New Testament' is a Luxembourgish coproduction which had been nominated for an Oscar and tells the story of God's daughter who escapes to write her own testament.
  • The 100% Luxembourgish production 'Eng nei Zäit' (titled 'Demain, après la guerre' in French) uses a quintuple murder to take an unusual look at one of the darkest periods of the Grand Duchy's history. Jules, a young Luxembourger, has returned from France where he had been in hiding to avoid being forcibly recruited into the German army during the Nazi occupation of the Grand Duchy. He has difficulty resuming his place in a society that is starkly divided between the hunt for Nazi collaborators and reconstruction after the damage caused by the Second World War.

The majority of these productions won awards at international film festivals, and 'The Brand New Testament' was even nominated for an Oscar.

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  • Updated 18-03-2016