Luxembourg needs ICT experts

A survey confirms the need for highly skilled personnel

Le secteur TIC luxembourgeois embauche!Fedil, ABBL and the clc, in colllboration with ICTluxembourg, have published the results of an eighth consecutive survey about the need for information and communication technologies (ICT) qualifications in the private sector.

BAC +2 as a required minimum

Member companies of the three employers' organisations having entered a partnership for this survey were asked about their hiring forecasts in the next two years. The obtained results show that there are strong intentions of hiring qualified personnel in the ICT sector, especially in analysis, software development and maintenance, analysis, development and administration of computer systems, customer services or coordination. In qualitative terms, the companies expect a high level of training for the majority of jobs: in 93% of the cases, they require a minimum of BAC +2 (equivalent to an English National Qualifications Framework (NGF) level 5). Indeed, candidates with a Master or PhD are the most sought after (51.7%). In absolute terms, the answers having been sent in by 148 companies participating in the survey (183 in 2014) show that the number of prospective job openings is somewhat decreasing (532 forecasts in 2015 agains 605 in 2014). It should however be noted that these results are forecasts, and do not represent hiring promises by companies, and that as such they should be interpreted with care. Thus, the next 5 years should see a total of 2,000 ICT experts being hired in Luxembourg.

It should also be noted that 65% (2014: 61%) of the job openings came from the creation of new jobs, which clearly reflects the optimism of the heads of company. Thus, the survey proves that the Luxembourg economy remains devoted to the creation of high-qualification jobs, and that there is a sizable demand for job seekers in the ICT sector.

Better information for the public and especially adolescents

As a consequence of the survey, the partners agreed to launch the website www.tic-tonjobdavenir.lu, which allows adolescents, among others, to watch interview of three business managers active in the ICT sector, and to read the survey's brochure online.

The different supports serve as a guide to adolescents, their parents, teachers, as well as to the education and professional guidance services, in secondary schools as well as in higher education. They contribute to a vocational guidance which is adapted to the realities of the employment market. Thus, adolescents will be oriented towards branches of the sector which offer many openings, so that their professional profiles meet the demands of the private sector. They also allow to further adapt the vocational training policy to the economic reality and aim at creating a better alignment between offer and demand on the employment market, especially by adapting the trainings to the needs of the companies.

This initiative is supported by institutional partners, i.e. the Chamber of Commerce / House of Training, the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth, the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the Ministry of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy, as well as the National Employment Administration (Adem). The project has also benefited from the support of the European Union through the EURES-programme (partnership Adem-CEPS/INSTEAD).

(Source: FEDIL press release)

  • Updated 16-03-2016