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The OECD ranks the Grand Duchy as the country with the most foreign students

The Grand Duchy stands in first place, followed by Switzerland and New Zealand.

Classement OCDE de l'Université de LuxembourgFor decades, the Grand Duchy has been home to a constantly growing and thriving international community. A recent OECD study on the proportion of foreign students in its member countries merely confirms the reality experienced every day in the Grand Duchy when it places the University of Luxembourg in first place, with 67% of its master's students nationals of other countries.

A resolutely international university

24% of bachelor's students, 67% of master's students and 84% of doctorate candidates are from abroad, which puts the Grand Duchy well out in front of the ranking, with 52% of its student population from other countries.

The Grand Duchy is also near the top of the list for expenditure per student on research and development activities (R&D) in higher education establishments at the tertiary level. With USD 11,518 per student, the Grand Duchy ranks third, after Switzerland and Sweden but ahead of Norway, Germany, Belgium and France.

Internationally mobile PhD students generally choose to study in countries which allocate substantial investment to R&D activities at the tertiary level of their higher education establishments. The level of expenditure a country allocates to R&D activities in higher education establishments at the tertiary level can attract internationally mobile students at the master's and doctorate levels by improving the quality of research courses the country's universities can offer, as well as improving capacity and visibility in the field of research.

An ambitious young institution

According to the Times Higher Education publication, the University of Luxembourg has managed to reach 99th place among the best 200 universities in Europe, which is an impressive score for a university that was only founded in 2003. The overall ranking puts the University of Luxembourg in 193th place among the 800 universities analysed for the Times Higher Education World University Ranking, with a score of 49.4/100. The young institution is right at the top end of the list for its international dimension (99.8/100) and for the number of citations (84.8/100).

The University of Luxembourg, founded in 2003, is plurilingual (courses taught in French/English, French/German, French/English/German, or entirely in English), international, and research-oriented. It has an academic staff of 238, backed by 868 professional experts. It has three faculties and two interdisciplinary centres, offering 11 bachelor's degrees, 32 master's degrees and 7 doctorates, according to the Bologna Agreement criteria. For bachelor students, a semester spent abroad is compulsory. 6,287 students from 110 countries are currently enrolled.

The university is spread over a number of sites: the Belval campus in Esch-sur-Alzette, and the Kirchberg and Limpertsberg campuses in Luxembourg City.

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  • Updated 16-03-2016