Luxembourg, not such an expensive city after all

Luxembourg comes in 66th place in the EIU world ranking.

At the beginning of March 2016, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), part of the group The Economist, published a new edition of its bi-annual report about the cost of living in cities worldwide.

This report allows companies to compare the cost of living in 130 cities worldwide, in 90 countries. This survey is based on the cost of about 160 goods and services (food, tobacco, clothing, transport, leisure, etc.), based on which the EIU calculates a total composite cost-of-living index for each city in question. New York City is the reference base (base 100, data from September 2015).

The world ranking in March 2016 is led by Singapore, followed by Zurich and Hong Kong in the second position. Luxembourg comes in 66th place in the world ranking. The following cities, close to Luxembourg, are estimated to be more expensive: Paris (5th), Frankfurt (18th), Brussels (38th) or Amsterdam (56th).

(Source: Observatory for Competitiveness)

  • Updated 12-07-2016