Equal opportunities


Mobilisation campaign in the run-up towards the 2017 municipal elections

Campagne de mobilisation en vue des élections communales de 2017The Ministry of Equal Opportunities has set the course for a fundamental change in policy.

In view of supporting a national effort aiming at increasing the part of the underrepresented gender in politics, the Ministry of Equal Opportunities has decided, together with its partners, to raise the awareness of the public towards this issue.

A challenge to measure up to

A joint campaign launched in the second half of March 2016 aims to mobilise the Grand Duchy's population towards more equality between men and women in local politics. It extends over 18 months and is declined into multiple phases to inform, mobilise and support the future candidate(s) on the electoral lists.

To achieve this, the campaign is divided into three distinct parts: first raise the awareness of the actual situation, which then leads to the acknowledgement of the flagrant inequality between men and women and finally encourages and emphasises the need to act.

This is being conveyed into images by a corresponding visual design. An election booth curtain shows the feet and legs of a woman and relevant and current information on the diversity of women and men appears on the curtain. There will always be a reference to the thematic website dedicated to the campaign.

The central element of the campaign

It is important however to ensure that the changes are sustainable and not just an isolated action. And it is for this reason that the Ministry of Equal Opportunities will launch a thematic website dedicated to this campaign at the end of March 2016, on which you'll find a lot of information on thematic workshops organised by the SYVICOL in the 4 corners of the country, a thread explaining the steps to follow in order to stand as a potential candidate for the elections, and a telephone hotline to immediately answer questions related to this theme.

www.wieltegaliteit.lu and www.votezegalite.lu

On the website will also be posted the audiovisual testimonies of more or less well-known individuals who have followed a similiar path.

Even if the website will be the key element of the campaign, it's not going to stop there. There is also going to be a consequent multimedia presence which comprises ads in the written press, as well as banners on Luxembourg's most visited websites, radio spots and clips, and audiovisual content for cinema and television.

(Source: MEGA)

  • Updated 11-03-2016