Employment and work

Launch of the JobBoard

Improving the chances of linking employers and jobseekers

09-jobboard-screenshotIn the context of enhanced e-governance, one of the main drivers of the modernisation of the Luxembourg State, the National Employment Agency (ADEM) has launched its new interactive website called JobBoard. This site is joining up with the ADEM's Employment Portal.

The JobBoard improves chances of linking employers and jobseekers.

JobBoard is an interactive platform intended to increase the chances of bringing employers and job seekers together. This is a new element of a digitalisation strategy which seeks to create an actual eADEM. ADEM publishes anonymised job seeker profiles on the JobBoard. Job seekers then have the opportunity to complete this profile with their CV which they can download on the site. The result: more transparency regarding the professional skills of job seekers and an easier way to contact them for the future employers.

During February, job seekers registered with ADEM received their JobBoard access which allows them to browse the 4,000 job offers that are published and updated daily. They also have the possibility to directly apply via the JobBoard. If the job offer matches the candidate's profile, the ADEM cousellors create the link between the candidate to the employer.

The JobBoard, an essential tool for employers

The purpose of JobBoard is to become an essential tool, a first reflex for employers who are looking for new employees. These will indeed be able to launch their own queries into the profiles and CVs of job seekers, and contact them directly if they are interested. The JobBoard helps build a list of candidates and create an alert when a new application for employment that might interest them is published on the site.

The JobBoard, free and easily accessible

ADEM's JobBoard is free and easily accessible via the new Employment Portal (www.adem.lu). The latter was launched on 22 December 2015 as an information helpdesk informing job seekers about the services of the ADEM and employers about measures to promote employment. These projects are all part of an effort to improve the online presence of ADEM.

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal www.luxembourg.lu / Source: press release from ADEM)

  • Updated 11-03-2016