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The Creathon has delivered the first leads to express the differentiating characteristics of the country

05-creathonOrganised by the Nation Branding Committee on 4 and 5 March 2016, the weekend of co-creation has gathered more than 40 volunteers of all sectors, who identified the first leads to translate, convey and disseminate the main differentiating characteristics of the country.

Following a participatory process in 2015 which involved large parts of the population as well as the key players of several sectors, three main reference values of the country for an authentic and credible image of Luxembourg emerged: liability, openness and dynamism. Moreover, it turned out that the profile of an 'ally' best reflects the personality of the country and therefore the brand.

A beautiful dynamic

The Creathon took place at three emblematic venues of Luxembourg's creative universe: Nyuko, LUCA and Carré. Animated by the design management specialist Jan Glas and supported by Andrea Rumpf (LUCA), Nicolas Buck (Nyuko) and Robert Garcia (Rotondes), the two days of analysis and intense creation have brought innovative and inspiring elements of reflection to symbolize and convey these values.

After a reflection phase on the relevance and validity of Luxembourg's existing identifying symbols, as well as an analysis of the needs, the participants developed a range of ideas based on criteria identified by the group. For all the participants, a new (visual) identity of Luxembourg will have to symbolize a country that is all at once likeable, useful and brave. This identity should finally have a bold side in order not to convey only 'what we are', but also 'what we wish to be' in the future.

At the end of the first creation session, six projects have been selected by the participants and have been presented publicly afterwards at Carré on 5 March. After that presentation, Robert Garcia said he was delighted about the success of the process. The Secretary of State Francine Closener declared: 'I'm delighted about the quality and the originality of the projects that we just discovered. The Creathon is an original initiative that allowed people from different backgrounds to imagine together how to represent the personality of our country. It's exactly that inclusive and multidisciplinary approach which differentiates our undertaking from that of the other countries.'

Next steps

The Interdepartmental and Interinstitutional Nation Branding Committee will analyse in detail the different proposals resulting from the Creathon. On the basis of the most inspiring projects, the developed concepts will be further explored by communication professionals.

(Source: press release of the Comité de coordination interministériel et interinstitutionnel Nation Branding — Interdepartmental and Interinstitutional Nation Branding Committee)

  • Updated 02-10-2016