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Survey about time use of Luxembourg residents

In 2014, the resident population spent four and a half months resting

En 2014, la population résidente a passé quatre mois et demi à se reposer.In early March 2016, the National Statistics and Economic Studies Institute (Statec) published a study about the use of time of Luxembourg residents. Only main activities are taken into account (studying, sleeping, eating and drinking, etc.). In this context, residents aged 10 to 74 years were interviewed in 2014, when this community study was conducted for the first time.

Luxembourgers get up early during the week ...

The result is that in 2014 the resident population spent a little over three months working (paid work, education and domestic work), two months entertaining themselves and four and a half months at rest. Indeed, residents spend on average nearly 9 hours a day in bed, or 37% of the day. Similarly, they seem to be part of those who love to get up early, because more than half of interviewees reported getting up before 7 a.m. However, rhythms change according to the days: if Luxembourgers tend to get up early during the week, this is not the case on the weekend. Work occupies residents who are employed full time for eight hours a day, those who have a part-time job for 5.45 hours.

... and spend a lot of their downtime on media

The recreation time occupies 19% of the daily time and 30% of the waking hours, or 4.36 hours per day. It is mainly devoted to the media (2.21h), specifically watching TV and watching videos (1.59h). Sports and outdoor activities occupy, in turn, 36 minutes a day.

A use that differs depending on the age

Of course, the use changes depending on age. Thus, residents aged between 45 and 59 spend less time working than those between 30 and 44 years, i.e. 51 minutes less. And it is between the age of 30 and 44 years where the share of time spent working or studying, and time spent on house-holding chores and family care is the most important.

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal www.luxembourg.lu; Source: Statec)

  • Updated 08-03-2016