'Bretzelsonndeg' on 6 March 2016

This year it's the women's turn to offer a pretzel

Durant une année bissextile, il revient à la femme d'offrir un bretzel à son élu du coeur6 March is the Sunday of the pretzels this year: it's the forth Sunday of the fasting period, traditionally called 'Bretzelsonndeg'. That day, the man offers this specialty of Luxembourg pastry-making to his beloved. But watch out: during leap years – and 2016 is a leap year – the tradition is inverted: it's the women's turn to offer a pretzel.

Pretzels are a Luxembourg specialty, made of puff pastry with fondant icing and almonds, representing two lovers arm in arm. The tradition requires that men offer a pretzel to their beloved on the Sunday of the pretzels. If she accepts it, he is allowed to visit her on Easter Day, when he will receive eggs in return.

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal www.luxembourg.lu)

  • Updated 06-07-2016