The capital of Luxembourg counts 110,499 inhabitants

In total, 160 nationalities live in Luxembourg City.

Marché hebdomadaire à Luxembourg-VilleAccording to the last calculations, Luxembourg City, the capital of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, counts 110,499 inhabitants (31 December 2015). In comparison: in 2007, eight years ago, 86,977 people lived in Luxembourg City. This considerable increase of the population is mostly due to immigration. The capital thus remains an attractive place to live.

Actually, in 2015, 11,920 people came to live in Luxembourg from abroad. In comparison, only 4,284 inhabitants of the capital have lived in another community of Luxembourg before moving to Luxembourg City.  At the same time, 7,877 people left the capital in 2015 in order to start living in another community of the country. 5,704 residents went to live abroad.

160 different nationalities

The population of Luxembourg City is composed of 160 different nationalities, among whom 102,511 are Europeans. Luxembourgers represent 30% of the population of the capital, while foreigners represent 70%.

Actually, since 1998, the number of foreign residents has been superior to the number of Luxembourgish residents in the capital. Countrywide, Luxembourgers are still a majority though, representing 57% of the population. The result is a great mix of nationalities and cultures, which is reflected in all aspects of society, whether in restaurants, the arts, entertainment, sports, etc.

Here's an excerpt of nationalities (belonging to the European Union) that are numerous in the capital:

  • Luxembourger: 33,314
  • French: 18,540
  • Portuguese: 13,370
  • Italian: 7,215
  • Belgian: 4,554
  • German: 3,979
  • Spanish: 2,959
  • Briton: 2,417
  • Romanian: 1,687
  • ...

Gender balance is more or less even. In 2015, 53,992 women and 56,507 men were living in the capital.

Finally, the district with the highest population is Bonnevoie, with 16,448 residents. The district which is least populated is Pulvermühle, with 347 residents. It's the district near the central station where most foreign residents live (84.22%), while the lowest number of non-Luxembourgers (48.12%) live in the Cents district.

(Source: Luxembourg City, census 2015)

  • Updated 26-02-2016