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A new label of excellence 'Crémant Millésimé' for the Luxembourg Crémant

For the 25 years of its existence, the Luxembourg Crémant will offer even better quality

Bouchon d'une bouteille de crémantIn 1991, the designation Crémant was protected by seven French regions and Luxembourg. Since then, Luxembourg's vineyards have provided outstanding sparkling wines with a quality that has never stopped improving. With the new designation 'Crémant Millésimé', the conditions for access to the quality summit of sparkling wines have become even more demanding – all to please the palate of gourmets.

For 25 years, the Luxembourg Crémant has been a popular product of Luxembourg vineyards, whose quality has been subjected to a rigorous control of the Winegrowing Institute, and has been distinguished with the label 'Crémant Millésimé' to designate the products meeting the highest quality standards. Until now, these sparkling wines had to be composed of a minimum of 85% of wines from the same vintage. In addition, the bottles had to remain on slats for at least 9 months to give the Crémant its incomparable taste.

Now, to achieve the highest appellation of Crémant, the bottles will remain on slats, i.e. lying with yeast trapped inside the bottle, for at least 24 months. According to officials, this will give the finished product an even more smooth, creamy and elegant note. A premium product which confirms the sector's ambitions.

In 1991, the Champagne region protected the 'Champagne method'. From then on, the production of Champagne itself was limited and only allowed in the French Champagne region. In response, seven French regions (Alsace, Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Die, Jura, Limoux and Loire) and Luxembourg protected the term 'Crémant'.

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal www.luxembourg.lu; Source: Winegrowing Institute)

  • Updated 25-02-2016