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Luxembourg City in 19th position in Mercer's Quality of Living Survey

Luxembourg's capital defends its good 2015 ranking

La qualité de vie au LuxembourgThe consulting firm Mercer has published the 2016 edition of its annual Quality of Living Survey whose purpose it is to measure the quality of life for expatriates in their host cities worldwide. As last year, the capital of Luxembourg is ranked 19th in the global ranking.

The Quality of Living Survey is conducted to help multinational companies and governments to determine compensation for staff working overseas. The survey is based on factors that expatriates consider as having a significant impact on their quality of life abroad.

Vienna, Zurich and Munich on the podium

In this new edition, 230 cities have been analysed and a large number of indicators are used to estimate the level of the quality of life. These indicators are grouped into ten categories: the political and social environment, the economic environment, the socio-cultural environment, the health system, the education system, public services and transportation, leisure, consumer goods, housing and finally the natural environment.

In 2016, the cities of Vienna, Zurich and Munich occupy the top three spots in the European ranking, followed by Düsseldorf and Frankfurt. The top 5 cities offering a high quality of life are the following: 1. Vienna, 2. Zurich, 3. Auckland (New Zealand), 4. Munich, 5. Vancouver. Luxembourg City is ranked 19th in the world ranking, on a par with Stockholm, and thus confirms its competitiveness in terms of quality of life.

Luxembourg City, the safest city

For the first time in 2016, Mercer added the ranking of the safest cities. This ranking was established on the basis of interior stability, criminality statistics, policing and the relations of the country with other countries. This ranking puts Luxembourg in the top spot as safest city worldwide, before Berne, Helsinki and Zurich. Brussels comes in 41st, Paris in 71st place.

(Source: Observatory for Competitiveness, Observatoire de la compétitivité)

  • Updated 12-07-2016