Luxembourg poet Anise Koltz published in the prestigious 'Poetry/Gallimard' collection

For the first time, a Luxembourgish poet has been added to this prestigious collection

Lecture d'Anise KoltzAnise Koltz is the 'Grande Dame' of Luxembourg's poets. Since the 1960s, she has been creating an opus which is of a disarming sobriety. The Gallimard publishing house has now published her anthology which is entitled 'Somnambule du jour', in the context of their collection 'Poésie/Gallimard', a rare distinction which is even more important for the Grand Duchy, as it is for the first time that the works of a Luxembourgish writer have been chosen do be part of this collection.

She uses her words like a surgeon uses his scalpel to operate. However, her patient is life, and especially its abysses, its fears, its emotions, the temporal and eventually death. Her poems are like weapons who strike every time, and every word is like a bullet. Clear, precise, nearly dispassionate, her poems awake the reader's buried ideas and thoughts, lay them bare and incite him to contemplate them, and to climb down into his own chasms to reemerge purified and richer.

Anise Koltz was born in 1928, the grand-niece of the co-founder of steel giant Arbed, Emile Mayrisch, and Aline Mayrisch de Saint-Hubert. In their castle in Colpach, they had founded a German-French literary exchange circle, where renowned writers such as André Gide and Karl Jaspers met. Thus marked, she organised herself, together with her husband René Koltz, the 'Biennales de Mondorf' between 1963 and 1974.

The works of Anise Koltz are published in the collection 'Poésie/Gallimard' on the occasion of their 50th publication anniversary.

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  • Updated 24-02-2016