Festivals and traditions

'Buergbrennen', that's this weekend!

Join the end-of-winter celebrations on the occasion of the Bonfire Festival!

14-buergbrennenEvery year, on the first Sunday of Lent, the inhabitants of Luxembourg celebrate the famous 'Buergsonndeg' (Sunday of firebrands). At nightfall, wooden crosses are lit on village heights throughout the country in order to symbolically chase away the winter and welcome spring time.

This tradition of pagan origin was already practiced in ancient Roman times. The blaze symbolises the rebirth of spring and the end of winter, the triumph of warmth over the cold, of light over darkness.

The event usually starts during the afternoon with the construction of the 'Buerg', followed by a torchlight procession, and ending with the lighting of the fire as darkness falls.

Traditional Luxembourgish dishes, such as 'Ietsebulli' (mashed pea soup), onion soup, grilled sausages or 'Glühwäin' (mulled wine) are served.

The event is usually organised by boy and girl scouts, by fire fighters and other local associations.

(Source: publication 'About ... festivals and traditions in Luxembourg')

  • Updated 11-02-2016