Luxembourg productions at the 2016 Berlinale

Four Luxembourg coproductions are being shown at the 2016 Berlinale

Scène du film "Colonia"For years, the Luxembourg film has been present at the Berlinale. And 2016 will not make an exception. Even though this year, from 11 to 12 February 2016, no Luxembourg production is part of the official programme, four Luxembourg coproductions are represented at the European Film Market, namely 'Colonia Dignidad', directed by Florian Gallenberger (Iris Productions), 'The Dark Side of the Moon', directed by Stephan Rick (Iris Productions), 'Mammal', directed Rebecca Daily (Calach Films, Les films fauves) and 'Préjudice' directed by Antoine Cuypers (Samsa Film).

'Colonia Dignidad'

'Colonia Dignidad', directed by Florian Gallenberger, co-produced by Iris Productions, follows air hostess Lena (Emma Watson) caught up in the middle of the rioting following the 1973 military coup in Chile as she searches for her boyfriend Daniel (Daniel Brühl), who has been abducted by the secret police and taken to 'Colonia Dignidad', a terrible place under the control of former Nazi Paul Schäfer.

The film received financial support from the Film Fund Luxembourg and benefited from the active participation of Luxembourgish actresses Vicky Krieps and Jeanne Werner, and Nicolas Steil (co-producer) and Carlo Thoss (sound) on the technical side.

The Franco-German-Luxembourg co-production was awarded the 'Bayerischer Filmpreis' on 15 January 2016. It will be shown on Friday, 12 February at the Zoo Palast in the 'LOLA at Berlinale' section.

'The Dark Side of the Moon'

Besides 'Colonia Dignidad', 'The Dark Side of the Moon', a feature film with Luxembourg participation, is also presented at the 2016 Berlinale and will be shown on 16 February. The film is based on a novel with the same title by Swiss author Martin Suter. Starring German actors Moritz Bleintreu, Nora von Waldstätten and Jürgen Prochnow and filmed mainly in the Grand Duchy, the film was produced by Iris Productions (L) and Port-au-Prince Film & Kultur Produktion Gmbh (D). The film received financial support from Film Fund Luxembourg. Also listed in the credits are a number of well-known Luxembourgish actors, including Luc Feit, Marco Lorenzini and Germain Wagner. It was released in Luxembourg cinemas on 27 January 2016.

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  • Updated 18-02-2016