The national report on the situation of youth has been released!

The report focuses on housing, employment and participation

Rapport Jeunesse 2015At a press conference held on 3 February 2016, the National Report on the Situation of Youth in Luxembourg 2015 was presented. This report focuses on the issue of transition between adolescence and adulthood in Luxembourg in the context of the Luxembourg society, and therefore represents a concrete image of what it means to grow up in Luxembourg.

Actively supporting youth

Growing up in contemporary society has its challenges. Besides the need to decide on a career path to follow, new responsibilities, looking for a place of one's own and integration into and participation in a society led by adults, are sometimes challenges difficult to confront. Thus the 2015 report focuses on housing, work and participation of young people in transition.

First, the report notes that today's young people are staying in the family home for longer, leaving the education system later and enter into working life later in their lives. Thus, the report highlights the needs to better adapt training and employment initiatives to the needs and career aspirations of young people. This work will be done in particular through the device of the Youth Guarantee.

A second problem is finding accommodation - the offer on the Luxembourg market is limited, and often too pricy for a young person who has just started in professional life. In this context, the programme announces the creation of 95 new housing units for young people, as well as the opening of a second Jugendwunnen unit in Mondercange in 2016 (first unit operates in Ettelbrück since 2014).

Finally, in order to achieve a better participation of youth in society, the report provides for the creation of a centre for political education, i.e. the strengthening of democratic culture in schools. This centre should be operational by the end of 2016.

(Source: Press release by the Ministry of National Education, Childhood and Youth)

  • Updated 03-03-2016