'Préjudice' awarded at the Festival premiers plans at Angers!

This family drama starring Nathalie Baye was awarded the Audience Prize

Affiche "Préjudice"The drama 'Préjudice', a Belgian-Durch-Luxembourgish production by Antoine Cuypers, with participation by the Luxembourgish society Samsa Film, was awarded at the Festival of Angers in January 2016. The film tells the story of a family whose tears come to light as the daughter makes her pregnancy public.

Everybody is exalted at the news, and the harmony seems perfect, except for Cédric, the 32-year old son of the family, who still lives with his parents and whose dream is a voyage to Austria. He wants to prove once and for all the prejudice he claims to be the victim of, and his grudge quickly turns into anger and wrath. Between paranoia, revolt and false pretences, the family must decide what they are willing to do to keep the status quo.

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  • Updated 11-02-2016