Quality of life

Satisfaction in different areas of life under scrutiny

Luxembourgers are very satisfied with their financial situation and their use of time

Etude StatecThe EU-SILC survey from 2013 shows that Luxembourgers are satisfied with their life in the Grand Duchy. The country therefore ranks in the top third of European countries, and well above the average of the 28 member states of the European Union. Especially the financial situation and use of time of the households speaks in favour of Luxembourg, but also the satisfaction with life in general, recreational areas and green spaces, and employment. In short, the study confirms that Luxembourg combines welfare and work.

Luxembourg in the leading group

In Luxembourg, the satisfaction scores are highest with regard to personal relationships (8.0 in 10), accommodation (7.8) and the environment (7.8 out of 10 for the place of residence, as well as for areas of recreation and green spaces). Satisfaction with financial situation reaches a low score (6.9 out of 10), but in European comparison, Luxembourg is fairly close to the front runners in this dimension.

Luxembourg's scores for all the satisfaction indicators are below that of the best placed countries, but above the average of the EU-28. The distance from the lowest-placed countries is very important for certain variables. In general, all satisfaction scores with various aspects of life in Luxembourg are positioned in the top third of European countries, except the score of satisfaction with personal relationships

Employees are very satisfied with their work - regardless of income level

In the EU-28 as a whole, the gap between the bottom of the income distribution and the top of it is double (0.8) compared to Luxembourg (0.4). As a consequence, the resident employees' satisfaction with their work is well above the average of the Europe, which is especially true for modest wages. Satisfaction with work is 7.2 in the bottom income quintile, that is to say much higher than the satisfaction with work in the same quintile in the EU-28 (score of 6.6 in this income class).

Elderly people are more satisfied with their financial situation, their housing and their time than middle-aged people and young people. It should be noted in particular that the score of people aged 75 and over outnumbers youth satisfaction with financial situation.

(Source: Statec)

  • Updated 12-07-2016