'The Dark Side of the Moon' has been released

The Dark Side of the Moon by Stephan Rick, on Vimeo.

The film follows the life of ambitious, unbeatable business lawyer Urs Blank. However, the latest merger he has managed ends badly when one of the bosses involved commits suicide before his very eyes. Shattered by the experience, he runs away; he meets Lucy, a young hippie who initiates him in the use of 'magic mushrooms'. Their meeting causes him to question his entire life and awakens a side of him that is the complete opposite of his organised life as a lawyer - a dark, violent side.

The film is based on a novel with the same title by Swiss author Martin Suter. Starring German actors Moritz Bleintreu, Nora von Waldstätten and Jürgen Prochnow and filmed mainly in the Grand Duchy, the film was produced by Iris Productions (L) and Port-au-Prince Film & Kultur Produktion Gmbh (D). The film received financial support from Film Fund Luxembourg. Also listed in the credits are a number of well-known Luxembourgish actors, including Luc Feit, Marco Lorenzini and Germain Wagner.

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  • Updated 03-02-2016