A new cross-border fund for the development of cinema production in the Greater Region!

The fund is aimed at authors and producers whose projects are in relation with the Greater Region

Photo des signatairesIn the context of the 37th Max Ophüls Prize Film Festival, the cross-border agreement concerning the establishment of a cinema development fund by the partners of the 4 countries making up the Greater Region was signed, and the content and objectives were detailed during a press conference. The Fund will have an annual allocation of € 55,000 and is aimed at writers and producers whose projects are linked to the Greater Region.

The fund mainly supports the development of more joint projects in the Greater Region. This agreement is going to improve the financial conditions for development in the Greater Region and is going to strengthen the links, in addition to the existing interregional projects 'Location Guide' and 'Production Guide'. The objective of this agreement is to boost film production through the support of the development of Greater Region projects.

The partners of this codevelopment agreement are:

  • Saarland Medien GmbH
  • Deutsche Filmförderungsanstalt (FFA)
  • Région Alsace Champagne-Ardenne Lorraine (ACAL)
  • Centre national du cinéma de l´image animée (CNC)
  • Film Fund Luxembourg
  • Deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft Belgien

Audiovisual production in the Grand Duchy is in great form!

In Luxembourg, audiovisual production has evolved from its humble beginnings to a global presence, with its productions and coproductions which are proof of a growing professionalisation in this sector of the Luxembourg economy.

Luxembourg is strongly committed to support its cinematographic production sector and many initiatives have been created in recent years to that end. Thus, the Film Fund Luxemboug helps Luxembourgish (co)productions in financing their projects, for example. Currently, the audiovisual production sector counts about thirty production companies and employs 600 people. To respond to the demand of this sector, a BTS course in animation drawing is offered by the Lycée technique des Arts et Métiers.

(Source: press release of the Film Fund Luxembourg / editorial team of the portal

  • Updated 26-01-2016