Buy 'Made in Luxembourg' at the Autofestival 2016

The automobile festival sheds a light on Luxembourg automotive components sector

From 23 January until 1 February 2016, Luxembourg's garage owners are inviting to their 52nd Autofestival. This festival is an excellent opportunity to enjoy good deals on cars and see the new models. Dring the event, organised by the Luxembourg Association of Car Distributors (Association des distributeurs automobiles luxembourgeois, ADAL) and the Federation of Garage Owners of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Fédération des garagistes du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, FEGARLUX), all of the car dealerships will be open every day.

Luxembourgish know-how in every car

A Little Piece Of Luxembourg Everywhere from Bigmouth Audio on Vimeo.

And should you decide to by a new car, it is probable and even certain that it will have been built using parts Made in Luxembourg by one of the 30 companies making up the sector of Luxembourg's car components industry. Be it tyres by Goodyear, detection products by IEE, glass manufactured by Luxguardian or engine temperature management systems made by Delphi Luxembourg - the overwhelming majority of cars sold in Europe contain parts developed and/or made in Luxembourg.

Indeed, the sector employs some 9,000 employees in Luxembourg, for an annual turnover of some 1.5 billion euros. Close to one fifth of the sector's activities is dedicated to research and development. In Luxembourg, the sector can also benefit from its central location in Europe, the openness of ist job market, its international workforce, an environment beneficial to research and development, as well as a generally fevourable environment for such activities, through the presence of numerous research centres and support from the National Research Fund.

In other words: no matter where you are going to decide to buy a car, you will buy Made in Luxembourg!

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  • Updated 27-01-2016