The Luxembourg City Conservatory inaugurates an extension

In order to teach the more than 3,000 students each year, the institution has had to grow

Salle de répétitionOn 22 Janaury 2016, the new extension of the Luxembourg City Conservatory was inaugurated. This is a building that adds 1362 m2 to this leading institution of the musical scene in Luxembourg. Indeed, the Luxembourg City Conservatory does not only have a pedagogical vocation but also enriches the cultural agenda of Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

The beginnings of the Luxembourg City Conservatory are distant: founded in 1906, it has been located from 1985 at the place called 'Geesseknäppchen' in Luxembourg City, on a campus which also contains fundamental and secondary schools. Its success is not only based on the curriculum, which spans very different disciplines such as dance, theatre, singing and instrumental music of all directions and styles, but also on its many collaborations with globally renowned institutes.

Icing on the cake: the conservatory is also used as cultural centre and stages in its auditorium performances by internationally renowned artists.

And this success can easily be numbered: at present, over 3,100 students from 70 countries frequent the conservatory's classes each year, where they are being taught by 140 tutors in not less than 140 different subjects. Thus, 5,960 hours are being taught each week.

Faced with such as success, the construction of an extension became necessary - a building created by Christian Bauer & Associés with a surface of 1,362 m2. The extension houses rehearsal rooms for percussion, Jazz, dance and theatre, as well as a multi-purpose room for 150 spectators, which can also be used for exams. Every room has ist own acoustics. Moreover, the extension works were being used to modernise the existing building.

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  • Updated 26-01-2016