'Chau, Beyond the Lines' nominated for a 2016 Oscar

Produced by Jerry Franck, a Luxembourger living in Hollywood

Photo de Chau et de ses peintures'Chau, Beyond the Lines' has been nominated for a 2016 Oscar in the Best Documentary Short Film category. The film has had the benefit of the contribution of Jerry Franck, a young cameraman and producer of Luxembourg origin, who was totally involved in creating the film, directed by his wife, Courtney Marsh.

The film follows the life of the young Chau, one of the thousands of Vietnamese children still affected by the American forces' use of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. Disabled and living in a special ward at a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, he dreams of a life as an artist and a couturier - a dream no-one believes he will achieve.

The original aim of the two cinephiles was to make a documentary about street children in Vietnam, until they came across the special ward. They were impressed by the children's joie de vivre, and by their hopes and dreams, and began to devote their film to the children, and in particular to Chau, 16 years old when they began filming, whose stubbornness impressed Courtney Marsh, the initiator of the project.

Jerry Franck is originally from Luxembourg City; he emigrated to the United States in 2007 to study camera operation at Columbia College Haywood from 2008 to 2010. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife, director Courtney Marsh.

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  • Updated 30-09-2016