Of all the OECD's member countries, the Grand Duchy has the lowest unemployment rate for young people (15-29 years old).

Efforts to promote the employment of young people are proving effective

Emploi jeunesThe latest OECD figures show that the Grand Duchy is the country with the lowest level of young people (15-29 years old) who are not in education, employment or training ('NEET'). While the OECD average is about 16.5%, the figure for the Grand Duchy is 6.5%. The Grand Duchy at the top of the list is followed by Norway (7.1%) and Denmark (7.3%) in second and third place, then by Germany (8.7%), Belgium (14.1%) and France (14.2%).

A deserved distinction

'We are pleased with these very encouraging and positive figures. The NEET rate of 6.5% shows that the efforts made in recent years to promote youth employment, particularly through projects targeting those at the lower end of the qualifications scale and the introduction of the Youth Guarantee (Garantie pour la Jeunesse) in 2014 are proving effective. The introduction of the Guarantee by the ADEM and the Ministry of Education and Youth is proving to be effective. We shall continue on the same path,' said Nicolas Schmit, Minister of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy. 'We shall continue our efforts in favour of job seekers in the other age groups and the long-term unemployed. The new law passed in December supports this. We shall be developing initiatives in the coming weeks.'

The Youth Guarantee is a tool for creating prospects

The purpose of the Youth Guarantee is to make certain that young people under 25 years old do not remain for longer than 4 months without a job offer, a training offer or an internship.

The Youth Guarantee will take account of the young person's profile and personal situation. This means that all young people will be offered individual accompaniment throughout their path towards employment. The path may take one of three different routes, depending on the young person's profile and intentions:

  • The route based on employment: the National Employment Agency offers to define and carry out, together with the young person, the stages and the aid/training enabling the young person to move towards stable employment.
  • The route based on school: the Local Action for Young People of the Vocational Training Department accompanies young people considering returning to school after having dropped out.
  • The route based on activation: the National Youth Service focuses its attention on young people who have no real idea of what to do with their lives, particularly young NEETs (not in education, employment or training). Together, they will define a route, in several stages, towards the world of employment.

Since the launch of the Youth Guarantee in the Grand Duchy, more than 6,500 job seekers under 25 years of age have registered with the programme offered by the ADEM. Among the young people who have followed the programme for at least four months, 82% have received a good-quality offer, i.e. the offer of a job, an apprenticeship or an employment incentive, or have returned to school.

(Source: press release from the Ministry of Labour and Employment)

  • Updated 30-09-2016