BEE SECURE's 'Bibi and friends' initiative wins European Crime Prevention Network award

'Bibi the bee' makes young children aware of the dangers of the digital environment

Screenshot bee.luSince 2013, Bibi - BEE SECURE's little bee - has been busy accompanying children aged 3 upwards as they discover the Internet. The initiative has now received an award at the European level from the European Crime Prevention Network for its work in accompanying very young children as they use the Internet for the first time. The Network praises its efforts to make children aware of the dangers of the Internet in a playful fashion.

The project run by the National Youth Service (SNJ) and BEE SECURE covers a series of illustrated educational booklets (available to view on bee.lu). Children can even have Bibi's adventures read to them on-line. The concept is aimed at children from the age of 3 upwards, since using the Internet, computers, smartphones and tablets is part of everyday life, even for very young children. Children can even have stories about Bibi read aloud to them on-line, allowing them to discover the dangers of the digital environment in a playful fashion. The stories about Bibi constitute a diversified means of prevention.

It is also this preventive role that has been acknowledged by the European Crime Prevention Network. The Network praises the initiative, which encourages young children to approach the new media in a playful fashion, thereby reducing the risk that they will become victims.

(Source: Press release by the Ministry of Education, Childhood and Youth and the National Youth Service)

  • Updated 25-01-2016