The 'Emile and Aline Mayrisch' Prize was awarded to Dr. Dr. h.c.Wilfried Loth

The prize was awarded for the third time to honour this couple of philanthropists

Le château de ColpachOn Wednsesday 20 January 2016 took place the 3rd award ceremony of the 'Emile and Aline Mayrisch' prize. organised by the 'Cercle des Amis de Colpach'.

Working closely together with the National Archives, the Pierre Werner Institute and ArcelorMittal, and under the high patronage of the Ministre of Culture, the prize, which includes 10,000 € was awarded to Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.Wilfried Loth for his book Europas Einigung.Eine unvollendete Geschichte.

A prize to support research

The 'Emile and Aline Mayrisch' prize is aimed at researchers, students, journalists and other residents of Germany, Belgium, France or Luxembourg, and who are at least 24 years of age. The works presented at the competition feature research in the fields of history, politics, economy, social studies and/or culture in the French-German-Belgian-Luxembourgish area. These might also be entries relating to the written, radiophonic or audiovisual press which excell through their pedagogical value in terms of treatment of the topics mentioned above.

The works have to be in German, French, or English language.

Philanthropists for the European cause

The prize honours the former general director of the Arbed and his spouse. Its objective is to promote the 'spirit of Colpach' caracterised by its openmindedness towards cultural currents and its promotion of mutual understanding between the European peoples. Indeed, Mayrisch Emile and his wife did a lot for the Franco-German rapprochement after World War I, both economically (Mayrisch is behind the creation in 1926 of the Entente International de é'Acier (International Steel Agreement, EIA)) or culturally: In the early 1920s, the couple turned their castle in Colpach into a place of rendezvous for the cultural personalities (French and German politicians and intellectuals) at the time, the famous 'Colpach circle'.

Among the Mayrisch's guests were André Gide, Annette Kolb, Karl Jaspers, Jacques Rivière, Jean Schlumberger, Ernst Robert Curtius and Marie Delcourt, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi and Walter Rathenau.


  • Updated 22-01-2016