Inauguration of a WebForce3 school in Luxembourg: forming 90 web developers in 18 months

WebForce3The WebForce3 school, which forms immediately operational Web developers and integrators through an intensive training course of 490 hours in three months and a half, was inaugurated on 14 January 2016. The school is located on the premises of Technoport in Esch-sur-Alzette, which is a very stimulating environment for the future players in the digital transformation in the Grand Duchy.

This opening is part of the strategic initiative 'Fit4coding' launched by the Luxembourg government and co-financed by the European Social Fund; it is expressed through a partnership between the National Employment Agency (ADEM) and NumericALL company, which operates the school WebForce3 in Luxembourg as a franchise. 17 jobseekers have begun the 'Fit4coding'-training which allows them to apply for a junior developer / integrator position.

NumericALL has the ambition to contribute to skills development in the Luxembourg economy for a successful digital transformation.

NumericALL consolidates a pedagogical approach - the WebForce3 school - which has proved its efficiency for 2 years in the development of operational skills. ADEM's expertise identifies candidates who are computer enthusiasts and motivated by the opportunity. Necessary are also strong links with companies in need of these skills: companies as important as Vanksen, Kneip and PWC have already initiated partnerships with NumericALL, and discussions are already underway with other major economic players to prepare for the skills they need.

(Source: press release of the Ministry of Work and Employment, Adem and NumericALL)

  • Updated 30-09-2016