The Grand Duchy embarks on zero pesticides in public areas

Their use has been banned by law since 1 January 2016

Logo "Ouni Pestizidien"One of its characteristics the Grand Duchy is particularly proud of is the exceptionally high quality of life. That's why the Luxembourg environment agency Ëmweltberodung, together with, among others, the Department of the Environment at the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, launched the 'Ouni Pestizidien' (zero pesticides) campaign in 2014, to increase awareness among members of the public and the authorities.

The quality of life in the Grand Duchy is not only based on perceived security, good infrastructures and social security arrangements; it also relies on two factors directly concerned with everyone's well-being: personal health and the environment. These factors are closely linked, particularly as the Grand Duchy is a particularly 'green' country, with large recreational areas in its forests. Protecting the country's 'green' heritage is therefore of fundamental importance in ensuring a high level of quality of life.

In 2015, 42 of the Grand Duchy's 105 municipalities had already undertaken, as part of the campaign, to stop using pesticides, and 44 municipalities had adopted measures restricting their use. Since 1 January 2016, pesticides are now completely banned; the primary effect of this will be to allow biodiversity to develop once more in areas where pesticides were being used regularly. A further effect will be a substantial improvement in the quality of the water in underground water systems.

For the Ëmweltberodung and its partners, the campaign nevertheless continues, to make gardeners aware of the dangers of the chemicals they use, and to encourage them to look for alternatives.

(article written by the editorial team of the portal www.luxembourg.lu)

  • Updated 18-01-2016