Luxembourg City more and more popular with tourists

The Luxembourg City Tourist Office's indicators for tourist activity

Concert lors du Rock um Knuedler festivalBe it its historical heritage such as the remains of the fortress and the casemates, its architectural jewels, its diverse cultural programming or the warm atmosphere in cafes or shops - the City of Luxembourg is able to flaunt its advantages for the whole family, whatever the preferences. And let's not forget that due to its size, combining activities is a child's play!

A progression of 12.33%!

As the first results of the 2015 survey keep coming in, the Luxembourg City Tourist Office can confirm that the indicators of tourist activity in the capital all show an important increase in 2015, as compared to 2014. In all, 680,897 (+12.33%) visitors were informed, recieved or taken care of by the different offices of the LCTO as the 'Destination Management Organisation'.

The contacts recorded are the compilation of three indicators, these being the number of visitors served at the information and reception desk at the Place Guillaume II (259,182 people, i.e. +10.08%), the number of participants at the different guided tours organised by the LCTO (294,240 people, i.e. +15.79%) and the number of tourists having visited the casemates (127,475 people, i.e. +9.35%).

Analysed in its general context, this preliminary tourist survey of 2015 is marked by the sixth consecutive year of progession and confirms the growing attraction of the capital as point of entry to tourism in the Grand Duchy.

2015 - a particularly dynamic year

As far as events are concerned, 2015 has been particularly dynamic for the Luxembourg City Tourist Office through two extraordinary projects: the support of the Luxembourg City Tourist Office in the organisation of the Luxembourg Presidency of the Council of the European Union (accommodation and socio-cultural programmes) through its specialised service 'Luxembourg Convention Bureau', and the very noticable organisation of the first edition of the sound and light show 'Luxembourg Light Nights' (18 and 19 December 2015) with several thousand visitors in attendance every evening, having been organised in close cooperation with the City of Luxembourg.

(Source: press release of the Luxembourg City Tourist Office, LCTO)

  • Updated 30-09-2016